Why we are no longer having adoption events at Pet Supplies Plus

Due to circumstance beyond our control we have ended our relationship with Pet Supplies Plus (PSP) in Grandville and on Alpine Avenue. Many people and organizations that work with and support Lake Haven have asked about our situation. This letter will attempt to explain.

As many of you already know I was attacked by a cyber bully out of California two years ago. She and her minions have raised havoc with my donors, volunteers (even threatening the life of one), my adopters, my Veterinarians, and every place I do business. She is an anti-declaw maniac with 200,000 screaming followers who are mostly from other countries. Their sole purpose is to harass, bully and badger anyone who has anything to do with declawing a cat. They falsely believe that front declawing of cats is barbaric and mutilating and cats were suffering. The real problem is she does not know what suffering is....a cat/kitten going to a Veterinarian Clinic to have surgical procedures done with anesthetic and 4 days of pain meds is not suffering. I should add that no one knows what can happen in life and if a kitty has to be rehomed the declawed ones are not the ones killed as they are the first out the door. Most County shelters have waiting lists for declawed cats.

I got a court ordered Personal Protection Order (PPO) against her when threats on my life started. After several months she signed an agreement to leave me and all of Lake Haven alone. But she disregarded that and attacked the Facebook pages of the Pet Supplies Plus (PSP) stores and bombarded Corporate. They told me they “just have to stop the noise”. It wasn’t long before management at PSP Corporate offices caved to her demands based on their perceived negative publicity that didn’t happen. They required Lake Haven to put a sign on cat cages stating that Lake Haven would not declaw. We were the only rescue group forced to do this. So we did not put any cats or kittens in PSP that were declawed. However we did allow adopters to choose to declaw after they adopted a cat. PSP management then decided that we could not do that either. When we asked the store MGR if he had ever had a complaint on a kitty that had been declawed in the 6 years I was there and he said ..."not one". So that was the last straw and we are done with Pet Supplies Plus.

Our business will continue as usual and we will do adoption events as before but not at PSP. We will post more information on our Facebook pages and on our Website about new locations soon. Our goal is to find our own building close to GR with our own store to support cat and dog adoptions. If anyone knows of a spot that would be good for doing adoptions please PM me. In the meantime we will make sure that anyone with an approved application that wants to meet with kitties or dogs can do so. We will be scheduling events and our foster’s will show kittens as well. We have 3 litters of 7, one litter of 8, one litter of 6, one litter of 5 ready for viewing by anyone with an approved app. We will have kitties with and without claws. IT’S YOUR CHOICE, AS IT SHOULD BE. If you don’t agree with declawing that’s fine come pick one out. If you prefer front declawed that’s OK too. I am not anti-declaw nor pro-declaw. What I am is PRO-ADOPTION.

It’s a sad state of affairs when online bulling can’t be fought against in any effective way. The only thing that the bullies in California have achieved is the death of more cats. If declawing were ever banned, it would simply result in the death of millions of cats because of the fact that if they were not declawed they would not be present in many homes. People would simply put them outside.. Apartments and Condos are everywhere and most demand a kitty be declawed . Regardless of what any bully thinks declawing is legal and accepted in every state of the union.
So if you want more information just PM me on Facebook. Keep your eye on this page, I will post new happenings as they occur. Anyone who knows of a place for sale with a pole barn or I can build one on let me know. Looking at Grandville, Jenison, and Hudsonville area light commercial OK too. Please be patient with us. I have lived a clean and decent life and never did anything to deserve this. All I have ever done is rescue some 35,000 animals. I have never had time to make trouble or initiate it.

If anyone wants to let Pet Supplies Plus know what they think please feel free to contact their Corporate Office at 1-734-340-1464.

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