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General Information



Lake Haven is an all-volunteer private, non-profit, NO-KILL, animal rescue shelter dedicated to the care and adoption of homeless and/or injured dogs, cats, kittens and puppies in the West Michigan area.



(1) Provide temporary shelter for homeless cats and dogs;
(2) Ensure that at the time of entry to Lake Haven, animals receive needed medical care;
(3) Place animals in responsible and loving adoptive homes; and
(4) Educate pet owners and the public in proper animal care and the urgent need to spay and neuter their pets.


(1) Animal rescue
(2) Necessary medical care
(3) Temporary shelter
(4) A


Adoption Statistics

Lake Haven places between 200-400 animal into loving homes each year.  Since being founded in 1999, that equal many thousands of animals.  In the past Lake Haven partnered with PetSmart where we were consistently ranked number one in adoptions through their stores in Michigan and usually ranked in the top 5 nationally in adoptions throughout the United States.




Lake Haven has 2 kennel locations. One is a modest facility with four indoor/outdoor dog kennels used to rehabilitate dogs in need. The other also has five indoor/outdoor dog kennels, a holding area for sick dogs as well as a variety of areas to temporarily house felines. But Lake Haven's capacity reaches far beyond the facilities. A network of dedicated volunteers foster many animals until they are ready for adoption. Foster homes allow more space for new rescues and decreases the likelihood of transferring common illnesses. If you would like to foster or help is some other way please fill our volunteer form.


Special Events

Our Special Events are posted to our home page with a link to provide all the details you need to attend or volunteer.

Please check out our home page occasionally to see what we're up to.

Geography Served

Michigan and surrounding states.   





Services and Programs


Medical Services Provided for Rescued Animals



Barn Cat Program

Sometimes we have cats that cannot live as house pets because they are shy or fearful of people and prefer the company of other cats and animals.  We do not adopt cats who are suitable to be house pets to barns, only cats without other options.  This is the last chance for these cats; they have nowhere else to go.

If you have a working barn or safe, heated outbuilding, there are cats that need you.  Having barn cats help keep down the rodent population.  The cats will be helping you, while you provide them a safe place to live.  And because these cats are already spayed/neutered, you won't have to worry about endless litters of kittens appearing!


What you need

The farm or barn owners who adopt the cats agree to give them:

  • Shelter in barns, buildings, or stables
  • Daily food and water (cats cannot live on mousing alone)
  • Veterinary care, as needed
  • A secure place to keep them for the first 2-3 weeks, while they acclimate to your barn. This can be a tack room, or any secure indoor enclosure that they cannot escape from.
Barn Cat Adoption Fee
Check the "Adoption Center" section on our home page to see current fees for barn cats.  Since many of these cats thrive on the company of other cats, be sure to ask about discounts when adopting more than one barn cat at a time.

We provide the same medical services with these cats as we do our house cats.To find out about the barn cats we have available, please call Cheryl at (231) 652-7507.

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Lake Haven is a non-profit no-kill animal rescue shelter dedicated to the care and adoption of homeless and/or injured dogs, cats, kittens and puppies in the West Michigan area.  Lake Haven is a recognized 510(c)3 organization that is 100% volunteer operated.