Dear Lake Haven Supporters,


Lake Haven Rescue HAS now raised the $800 to cover the costs to rescue "The Court Case Dogs."  The special donation tool that we placed on our home page really helped the cause and we are eternally grateful to all who contributed. We know it's hard to make contributions in these difficult times but you can be assured that these wonderful dogs will benefit greatly.


We have named the Blue Tick Stella. The girl with cherry eyes is called Ruby and the other sweetheart is called Ester.  Stella and Ester have been spayed and are now playing like little puppies along with Ruby who will be having surgeries for her eyes and spaying soon.  

These girls are so unique. Yes, they need to learn the basics but they are literally two year old puppies. They play and explore the large fenced in exercise area like puppies. Everything outside is so new and fun. It's a pleasure to witness this and let them to become the dogs they are craving to be.


For those of you who were not aware of our "Court Case Dog" situation the following story will provide you with the facts.


Once again, that you all for your generous and timely contributions.


Kind regards,

Cheryl McCloud


Lake Haven Rescue



Court Case DogsThe story of the “Court Case Dogs”

In August of 2009 a cruelty investigation took place in Montcalm County concerning 5 Redbone and Blue Tick coonhounds. They were just pups 3 or 4 months old. The pups were confiscated as the investigation began. Months dragged by and the pups grew up in their small cages. They were not allowed out as they were considered “property” and the shelter was required to preserve the evidence. Then it became years in their small cages they yearned for human contact and a normal “dog life”. In June of 2011 they order finally came from the prosecutor to release the dogs. Court Case DogsAfter spending nearly two years in the noisy and dirty din of the County Shelter, Lake Haven received notification that they were to be released to rescues. We were asked to take one. It was explained to me that two of the dogs had severe cherry eyes and I knew that would require surgical repair by a well qualified surgeon. When we arrived at the Shelter we found the dogs to be so pleasant we decided to take three instead of one, of course we took the one with the worst condition thinking she may not find her way out. Her eyes were very swollen and inflamed and tearing constantly. When we returned home and found out how wonderful they are we have contacted the shelter to insure the others find their way to Court Case DogsLake Haven as well. Rescues such as these tax small rescues time and resources. A small donation will help us get the dogs their medical care that is needed and ensure the safety of the remaining two.

These are exceptionally sweet and loving dogs who never deserved to be treated this way or to be put down after spend almost 2 years in a cage. We can not and will not let that happen.  Once these dogs are ready to be adopted all they will need is some basic training to become perfect companions.