Support 'Koda's Law'


If passed, "Koda's Law" (or Michigan House Bill 4663) will ban pound seizure from class b dealers in Michigan.  Pound seizure is the practice of allowing shelter cats and dogs to be used in experimental research.  "Koda's Law" is named after a shelter dog (photo left) that, instead of being placed for adoption, was sold to a USDA class b dealer (animal broker) and resold to the University of Michigan, where he was used in the university's Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLF) Class, and then euthanized. Koda's former family believed that taking him to a shelter would allow him another opportunity to find a home and did not know he would be used for research.  Since this incident, the University of Michigan no longer uses cats and dogs in its ATLF class.  But sadly, situations similar to Koda's continue to happen to far too many shelter cats and dogs in Michigan.


Two Ways to Help


1.  Click here to sign the Michigan House petition to eliminate pound seizure in Michigan animal shelters.

2.  Click here to ask the House Agriculture Committee to set this bill for a hearing and vote in support of its passage.



Want to help even more?  Print this form and bring to your veterinarian and/or local business owners and ask them to support Koda's Law and the Humane Euthanasia Bill. 


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